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History of 1977 Pantera GTS, #9073

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  • History of 1977 Pantera GTS, #9073

    Greetings from Finland.

    I am a happy owner for 1977 De Tomaso Pantera GTS, #9073. I bought the car from Netherlands in 2010, and now I´m somewhere in the beginning of restauration. I´ve never done something like this before, so it is a whole new adventure for me. Before Netherlands, my Pantera has spent some time in Lebanon. And before that, there is a big black hole of missing information...

    I do know, that this car was originally sold to Austria at the end of 1977. The only name mentioned in the factory papers is mr. Hans Leeb. I don´t know if this car was for his private use or for business. The original colour for the car was the combination of silver and black. In some point, it has been painted into red.

    Does somebody in this Forum happen to remember/know this Pantera? Every bit of information, or a tip, where to ask next, would be great. I´m also trying to find out more about the first registration date for this Pantera, because at the moment it is registered as a 1982 model. To find out an earlier registration date (and documentation for that) would be a very practical thing for me when registering this car in Finland.

    I have already tried contacting mr. Leeb through his company address, but without success so far.

    For any possible information, I thank you already in advance.

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    Dear Mr. Kimmosch,

    the best contact in austria for de tomaso is our user: Guara 007

    To contact him:

    All the best to finland and Mika Häkkinen!



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      I think, I have already contacted him. By looking at his information, there just can not be very many Austrian quys, who have both the Guara and Pantera si in their garage...

      I´m still looking for any other tips and pieces of information.


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        Still looking for the same information, now I was thinking about trying a new method.

        Is there some Austrian office, which I could directly contact to try to find out the old registration history for my car? Any tips and advice will be highly appreciated.